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Here at the official website for the Relaxing New Age Music Channel. you will find a variety of audio visual resources to aid your relaxation experiences. We have a large collection of over 100 videos containing beautiful peaceful footage and imagery plus hours of relaxing music.

Our thousands of subscribers watch our videos for a whole variety of reasons. Just to watch our beautiful footage and fantasy film graphics, to use as meditation music, or simply for relaxation or to help with insomnia and to use as spa music.

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If iTunes floats your boat, we will also be featuring our new age music and spa music featured in our videos on the iTunes store along with spotify, Google play and Amazon mp3. Follow for updates and why not try this amazing ambient music too.

See you in dreamland!

The Relaxing New Age Music Channel

For our spanish viewers - musica relajante

The Relaxing New Age Music Channel

Featured Videos

Welcome to the official website for the Relaxing New Age Music Channel on Youtube where we offer the most beautiful audio visual relaxation music experience